1. My body is much younger at 50 than it was at 35.*

    I started playing tennis at age 35 and developed chronic tendinitis. My physical therapist introduced me to Alexander Young and I started working out with him with the goal of eliminating the tendinitis and being able to play tennis two days in a row without limping. I started with Alex 1 X per week and enjoyed it so much I asked for a 2nd day and finally a 3rd day per week. Now at the age of 50, …Read More

    Donald D.
  2. …from a size 38 to a size 32 waist.*

    I was introduced to Alex Young through my cousin, who is a client of his and a member of the same gym as I am. I have struggled with my weight and diet for many years, so I considered using a personal trainer after realizing that my lack of self-discipline and personal fitness knowledge would never allow me to achieve my goals on my own. I had tried working out with a friend and all combinations o…Read More

    A. Schuster
  3. …emphasis on Total Fitness – not just ‘weight training’*

    In preparation for a weight training initiative, I reached out to Alex to ‘jump start’ my training.  My original goal was to fit back into my ‘skinny’ clothes, however, after my first session with Alex my goal changed immediately.  I went from wanting to be ‘skinny’ to wanting to not only “get in” shape but to “stay in” shape.  I didn’t realize just ‘how out of shape’ …Read More

    Traci S.
  4. The bottom-line is that I feel good.*

    Last year, I made a conscious decision to improve the quality of my life due to medical reasons. After being diagnosed with diabetes that is insulin dependent, I decided to treat myself by improving my physical conditioning. My Plan of action has been facilitated by Alex. My overall health and attitude towards life has improved significantly. The bottom-line is that I feel good. Alex has helped me…Read More

    JoAnn W.
  5. …fitter and HAPPIER than I’ve been in a very long time!*

    About six months ago I decided I needed to get in shape. Over the last 5 years my weight had been creeping up and bad habits had become the norm. I had not worked out in ages, but I knew that once I made the commitment to meet with Alex twice a week, I would honor it. I also knew that if that’s all I did, results would not come quickly enough to keep me motivated. So I promised that in addition …Read More

    Melinda B.
  6. Sweat 30 is the best fitness program…*

    Sweat 30 is the best fitness program for any one at any fitness level. I started Sweat 30 back in May and prior to starting I had lost 49 lbs. Sweat 30 helped me get to the next level to change my body. Four months later I am down another 30lbs. I am a full time working mom and Sweat 30 Is the best 30 minutes a day to any fitness goal! Thank you Alex for Sweat 30!!!…Read More

    Teresa J