…emphasis on Total Fitness – not just ‘weight training’*

In preparation for a weight training initiative, I reached out to Alex to ‘jump start’ my training.  My original goal was to fit back into my ‘skinny’ clothes, however, after my first session with Alex my goal changed immediately.  I went from wanting to be ‘skinny’ to wanting to not only “get in” shape but to “stay in” shape.  I didn’t realize just ‘how out of shape’ I was and at that very moment I knew that I did not want to spend the rest of my life with limitations, body aches, etc. when I did not have to. I was relatively a healthy person.  The first week was brutal. I could barely lift my own body weight. But within 5 weeks, not only was I gaining strength and confidence, but I was losing weight and inches!  I have used personal trainers in the past so I had some comparisons.  What I’ve appreciated about Alex is the emphasis on Total Fitness – not just ‘weight training’.  While lifting weights, using machines, etc. do build strength, it’s the “inner core” that produces and provides the flexibility and balance needed to enhance your strength training.  Alex has a vast array of moves that are unconventional yet effective and I have felt those effects 24 hrs later!  Alex is on the cutting edge of what works and what doesn’t.  The guy continually studies and reads up on fitness and the fitness industry which only benefits his clients.  I highly recommend Alex to ‘jump start’ your fitness program.  The time and money that you end up spending ends up being an investment in and to yourself.”

Traci S.