…from a size 38 to a size 32 waist.*

I was introduced to Alex Young through my cousin, who is a client of his and a member of the same gym as I am. I have struggled with my weight and diet for many years, so I considered using a personal trainer after realizing that my lack of self-discipline and personal fitness knowledge would never allow me to achieve my goals on my own. I had tried working out with a friend and all combinations of diets advertised, yet could not achieve and maintain the long-term results I desired. After the passing of my father last year, the stress and lack of proper diet and exercise had resulted in my weight increasing to around 220 pounds. At 30 years old and considering the long-term implications on my health of continued neglect of proper diet and nutrition, I decided that finding a personal trainer was my only available option.

Upon meeting with Alex Young, I was immediately impressed with not only his exemplary knowledge of fitness and nutrition but also his strong motivation and commitment to his clients. I jumped head-first into his program, putting my full faith and confidence in my cousin’s assessment of his capabilities. I have had the best experience working with Alex of any personal trainer or fitness resource that I have encountered to date. Alex quickly assessed my condition and created a program that is helping me achieve my goals. Alex has a unique talent of understanding people that allows him to motivate and challenge his clients in a positive and enjoyable manner. In the four months since I’ve started working with Alex I’ve dropped down to around 190 pounds, decreased from a size 38 to a size 32 waist and have more energy and confidence than I have had in years. I was so impressed working with Alex after only a few short weeks that I referred a good friend to him who has been struggling with his health and weight for a long time. Alex not only took on my friend as a client, but also developed a successful routine which allowed us to team up weekly for a group personal training session. I look forward to the continued personal fitness training, guidance and support of Alex Young for a long time to come.

I would be more than willing to provide any further client references for Alex Young as necessary. I can be reached by telephone at 215-681-3153 or by e-mail at aschuster4379@gmail.com

A. Schuster