melindaAbout six months ago I decided I needed to get in shape.  Over the last 5 years my weight had been creeping up and bad habits had become the norm.  I had not worked out in ages, but I knew that once I made the commitment to meet with Alex twice a week, I would honor it.  I also knew that if that’s all I did, results would not come quickly enough to keep me motivated.  So I promised that in addition to our 2 45-minute sessions a week, I would do cardio on my own 2-3 times a week and try to improve my eating (and drinking!).

When we first started our workouts, I could not stand to look in the mirror in the gym.  I had been in denial for a long time about how big I was getting, but confronting that body in exercise clothes revealed the truth. I had to turn away from the mirror to complete my reps without losing focus.

I am a middle-aged woman with a very “fun” lifestyle – lots of traveling and entertaining – and I LOVE a good meal.  So progress was slow and steady after the initial 5 pounds or so.  It took 4 months to lose 20, but I was happy with that because I did not totally give up my lifestyle to achieve it – I just gradually changed my habits from bad ones to better ones, along with the exercise.   Just after the 4-month mark, I took a class at a gym – and was shocked to discover that I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror!  I was amazed, as I did the squats, at how muscular my legs looked, and so pleased with how toned my arms and shoulders were!  The irony of that transformation, both mentally and physically, was not lost on me!

Now, going on 7 months since I started, I have lost 28 pounds and am stronger, fitter and HAPPIER than I’ve been in a very long time!

Thank you, Alex, for starting me down this road to a healthier life!

Melinda Black

Teresa John AfterMRT is the best fitness program for any one at any fitness level. I started MRT back in May and prior to startiing I had lost 49 lbs. MRT helped me get to the next level  to change my body. Four months later I am down another 30lbs. I am a full time working mom an d MRT Is the best 30 minutes a day to any fitness goal! Thank you Alex for MRT!!!

150px-no-image-availableLast year, I made a conscious decision to improve the quality of my life due to medical reasons.  After being diagnosed with diabetes that is insulin dependent, I decided to treat myself by improving my physical conditioning.  My Plan of action has been facilitated by Alex.

My overall health and attitude towards life has improved significantly.  The bottom-line is that I feel good.  Alex has helped me to build self-awareness, stamina and an appreciation for physical conditioning and all of its benefits.

The other benefit is that loved ones and people around me also get to experience the whole idea of physical conditioning.

JoAnn Weeks